Carrots Don’t Like Poodles

Look at this bodacious poodle who was made because I prayed for a good harvest. Girls are carrots; they call me “labradoodle” because I will never have a thigh gap, Thank God. However, I know my Breeder better than my pastor. I look like Him. Make it slowly. I lick the beaters of my creamyContinue reading “Carrots Don’t Like Poodles”

Idle’s Sister

Who could believe such love and hate between Daughters? Patience is always straining, Working, never enough. Never good enough in Intelligence or aesthetics. Especially not in kindness. Idle is always good enough- far too good- As she gargles polish every morning to show Off. She marries at 19 to prove she is superior And readyContinue reading “Idle’s Sister”

Lovingly Pulverized

Inspired by “Santa Fe” by Joy Harjo The angels Bring snow from the Storehouses and it is not Cold. And I am breathing Cold kisses in front of a flurry In university. Oh- it’s during Class and not. That’s how you Tell teachers’ preferences. It  Is theirs; it is mine. The Snow has perfected  Everything:Continue reading “Lovingly Pulverized”