Love, Halloween

It’s muddy on the bottom and has scratches on the side It’s heavier than expected, but it’s the biggest one I spied On the stem, my fingers pinch with small splinters When I carry it to the back with its sisters It’s ready for death once it’s dried It feels the tiniest bit sinister toContinue reading “Love, Halloween”

The Blessings

You are still loved when you are sad, because you belong to a heavenly family.  You are still loved when you feel loss, because your loved ones will comfort you. You are still loved when you are humble, because you will be rewarded. You are still loved when you strive to do what’s right, becauseContinue reading “The Blessings”

Your Muchness is Dying

“The couch is more relaxing. Gaming all night is more fun,” You say as your sadness cooks into a butter-coated bun.  You eat the bun with a frown. The gym pamphlet is your plate. “Maybe tomorrow I’ll do something more productive than inflate.” You wanted to be helpful, but your muchness is neglected. “My degreeContinue reading “Your Muchness is Dying”

The Meek Will Inherit the Earth

At church, Garv prayed for his stupid brother To stop stealing ashtrays from the bookstore. Mara asked her friends to pray down thunder On her wicked, boyfriend-stealing mother.  Sharar left a prayer on Facebook. “Please pray for Chuck who can’t pass his tests.” Portia prayed for hours of gobbledygook. When asked what she meant, sheContinue reading “The Meek Will Inherit the Earth”

Wax Sealed

My love letter for you Is sadly deficient, Like a fairy’s brew That’s missing an ingredient.  How can I conjure Words to express A love that is longer Than even Rapunzel’s tress? A love that is deeper Than any Minecraft cave. Even the grim reaper Can’t falter its wave. My spirit is refreshed By everyContinue reading “Wax Sealed”

Darling, stay composed

Suck in your lips, now push air between them to make that *PUH* noise. PUH is my love. The only one I’d marry is the Bandersnatch, for only he may find me. This is my predetermined because that kiss really did scare me. I’m speaking to Kisser so don’t listen, you literate muck. (Thank youContinue reading “Darling, stay composed”

For he who knew me

He lives inside a word that I can’t accept. But it’s folded under the hem of my dress, absorbed into the threads of my slippery stockings. Dazzling takes its forgotten breath and exhales a letter, for me to run in my nail crevice. His fingers feather Her starbuck eyes fluttered when you first kissed her,Continue reading “For he who knew me”

The Trouble of Tomorrow Meets the Rock of Today

My head is pushing in on all sides. Why did I say that to her, when I meant to say this? How many times will I mess up and destroy marital bliss? Six nights I’ve missed the rest that sleep provides.  “Do not worry,” the voice whispers. “My warmth is on your face and myContinue reading “The Trouble of Tomorrow Meets the Rock of Today”