Love, Halloween

It’s muddy on the bottom and has scratches on the side It’s heavier than expected, but it’s the biggest one I spied On the stem, my fingers pinch with small splinters When I carry it to the back with its sisters It’s ready for death once it’s dried It feels the tiniest bit sinister toContinue reading “Love, Halloween”

Puppy = Sanity?

Like many other people during social distancing, my household has added a furry friend to the family. Our little bear is a bright spot in the monotony of the pandemic. I’d like to share a small list of the many ways our new puppy has given me back my sanity. Call it my puppy appreciationContinue reading “Puppy = Sanity?”

The Blessings

You are still loved when you are sad, because you belong to a heavenly family.  You are still loved when you feel loss, because your loved ones will comfort you. You are still loved when you are humble, because you will be rewarded. You are still loved when you strive to do what’s right, becauseContinue reading “The Blessings”


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Hi, I’m Alanna Backen. Welcome to my writing pad. I’m an aspiring author hoping to change the world for the better, one word at a time.

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