Lovingly Pulverized

Inspired by “Santa Fe” by Joy Harjo

The angels

Bring snow from the

Storehouses and it is not

Cold. And I am breathing

Cold kisses in front of a flurry

In university. Oh- it’s during

Class and not. That’s how you

Tell teachers’ preferences. It 

Is theirs; it is mine. The

Snow has perfected 

Everything: the mud, 

The air, my vision,

My hair. I talk snow.

And there is nothing else

Until the waltz gets jealous

Of my tattered ballet slippers,

Lovingly hurled into the freezer.

They are pulverized and pink and

Perfect. They are the shape of my 

Feet which are homely and hidden.

The slippers exfoliate for the feet,

Caress the imperfection of the feet.

And exfoliate now for a dance in

The campus basement, where they

Have known their lover, pink toes

On their mind. And space is as

Solid as the gray rubber floor,

The feet dancing through the

Snowflakes’ movements, my

Invention of this memory,

The angels bringing.

Published by Alanna Backen

Hi, I’m Alanna Backen. Welcome to my writing pad. I'm an aspiring author hoping to change the world for the better, one word at a time. Let's make some good fruit!

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