The Blessings

You are still loved when you are sad, because you belong to a heavenly family.  You are still loved when you feel loss, because your loved ones will comfort you. You are still loved when you are humble, because you will be rewarded. You are still loved when you strive to do what’s right, becauseContinue reading “The Blessings”

The Meek Will Inherit the Earth

At church, Garv prayed for his stupid brother To stop stealing ashtrays from the bookstore. Mara asked her friends to pray down thunder On her wicked, boyfriend-stealing mother.  Sharar left a prayer on Facebook. “Please pray for Chuck who can’t pass his tests.” Portia prayed for hours of gobbledygook. When asked what she meant, sheContinue reading “The Meek Will Inherit the Earth”

The Trouble of Tomorrow Meets the Rock of Today

My head is pushing in on all sides. Why did I say that to her, when I meant to say this? How many times will I mess up and destroy marital bliss? Six nights I’ve missed the rest that sleep provides.  “Do not worry,” the voice whispers. “My warmth is on your face and myContinue reading “The Trouble of Tomorrow Meets the Rock of Today”

-Part 1- Can You Breathe In the Dark?

You say you did not murder, but I see through the dark. The son of the King was killed. The breath of hate is clearly marked. All hands are now stained red in this colorful battle of hate. We refute the crimes of history, but constantly recreate. I murdered twelve people today, that makes thirtyContinue reading “-Part 1- Can You Breathe In the Dark?”

Carrots Don’t Like Poodles

Look at this bodacious poodle who was made because I prayed for a good harvest. Girls are carrots; they call me “labradoodle” because I will never have a thigh gap, Thank God. However, I know my Breeder better than my pastor. I look like Him. Make it slowly. I lick the beaters of my creamyContinue reading “Carrots Don’t Like Poodles”