Secret Riches

Look at me!

I gave a $10 tip for my dinner.

Tell me I’m perfect.

Put me up on your pillar.

Don’t look at me!

Jane Doe paid the college funds.

My right hand doesn’t know.

The knowledge died in my lungs.

Look at me!

Like my pictures of volunteering. 

I spent three hours helping others.

I live to be found endearing. 

Don’t look at me!

My Christmas bonus will build wells.

Anonymous gifts go overseas.

My money is sent where my heart dwells.

Look at me!

I’ll tell you exactly how many sweaters

I knit for the poor this month.

They plaque my name for my endeavors!

Don’t look at me!

This is my greatest secret.

You’ll know me 10 years but never hear

That I give quietly and rather frequent.

If anyone is curious about this poem’s meaning, my inspiration came from Matthew 6:1-4.

Image by Tayeb MEZAHDIA from Pixabay

Published by Alanna Backen

Hi, I’m Alanna Backen. Welcome to my writing pad. I'm an aspiring author hoping to change the world for the better, one word at a time. Let's make some good fruit!

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