-Part 2- Can You Breathe In the Dark?

You are writing your children’s history books. What will your pages say?

In this colorful hour of darkness, did you add hatred to the fray?

When your daughter wants you to recall how you played your part,

Will you have to tell her, “Darling, I had anger in my heart.

I heard injustice screaming, but I didn’t have ears to hear.

People on both sides went to funerals for the people they held dear.

Even the smallest insult would start to turn our minds to rage.

We all saw the missiles coming, but no one shouted, ‘Disengage!’

I only spoke to those who had the same opinion as me,

So I didn’t hear until months later about love’s relentless plea.”

Then you might have to tell her how all hope soon felt forgotten.

Punches and spitting and knives became normal, they flew so often.

But maybe in the history books, your pages sparked new life.

You turned off the road of hatred and let mercy clear the strife.

When your son asks how you acted, can you tell him honestly,

“Son, I tried to let love rule me, even when I disagreed.

I volunteered to help clean up. I tried to make new friends.

I earnestly prayed for my enemies and to let the chaos end.

I held on to those who mourned and helped all who needed support,

Even those who didn’t look like me. And all our hatred did abort.”

Then you can say how your hearts changed to find new pals in enemies,

How all the fighting stopped, and you became a legacy.

The headlines of today will be the history of tomorrow.

You were made to be wealthy in kindness and try to to heal the sorrows.

It’s time to write the pages we’ll be proud to share for ages

With our children, our grandchildren who will benefit from our changes.

If anyone is curious about this poem’s meaning, my inspiration came from Matthew 5:43-48.

Published by Alanna Backen

Hi, I’m Alanna Backen. Welcome to my writing pad. I'm an aspiring author hoping to change the world for the better, one word at a time. Let's make some good fruit!

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