Puppy = Sanity?

Like many other people during social distancing, my household has added a furry friend to the family. Our little bear is a bright spot in the monotony of the pandemic. I’d like to share a small list of the many ways our new puppy has given me back my sanity. Call it my puppy appreciation post!


When the slump of social distancing hit, I didn’t have to put on clothes anymore. I didn’t have to time my morning routine to fit in hygiene before my drive to work. I didn’t have to get ready to see friends or family on a regular basis. Nothing needed or could receive my physical presence for months on end. 

The surprising effect of this was a lowered self-esteem. My bear completely destroyed that. I now have a tiny living thing that requires my time and care. She constantly needs me. I have someone who depends on me again and it makes me feel like I have value.

A new kind of friendship

One of the things I’ve missed the most is hanging out with friends. Getting our bear is like meeting a new friend and spending every day together building your bond. Although my husband and I get along great, I finally have someone in my life who’s always thrilled to see me. She never stays mad at me and always tries to be with me as much as possible.

It sounds cliche, but it’s a mind-blowing thing. This warm ball of fur lays in my arms and trusts me completely. She doesn’t see, smell, or hear of anything unless I introduce it to her. To her, I’m her whole world. To me, she’s a tiny happy friend who I get to show my whole world. 

Puppy chaos brings ironic order

Training and housebreaking a new dog is a lot of work. I keep finding little pockets of time in my day that I didn’t know I had to give to our little bear. But it’s such a welcome change. As I mentioned before, the pandemic took away almost every reason to leave my couch at all. 

But now, everything feels different. The schedule that comes with a new puppy makes me feel motivated to accomplish other tasks during the day as well. She wakes me up every morning to go outside. I check her food and water regularly. She needs attention, brushing, baths, and playtime. But every moment of it doesn’t feel like a chore. It just feels like a new part of home and I absolutely love it. 

Getting a new pet is a huge responsibility that you shouldn’t take on unless you know you can handle it. However, I highly recommend looking into adding these little furry blessings to your family. All of the sudden, my stale boring house (due to Covid) is a warm home filled with laughter and love. All thanks to our little bear. 

Thank you, bear!

P.S. I love dogs! If you have any cute dog stories or pictures to share, I’d love to see them!

Image by Susanna Yli-Ristaniemi from Pixabay 

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